Who We Are, What We Do and Our Mission

The Reserve Sober Living Houses provide luxury sober homes or recovery homes in Nashville for women and men recovering from alcohol or substance abuse.  Sober Living Homes were once thought of as halfway houses, but they are not.  They are sober living houses, sober houses or recovery homes which are essential drug and alcohol free rental environments for those suffering from the disease of alcoholism.   The Reserve sober living homes are safe, comfortable, positive, clean and luxurious places to  live while transitioning from treatment or early sobriety back into the "real world." 

People getting out of treatment and in early sobriety have enough challenges already without having bad living conditions causing more unnecessary challenges.  This is why the Reserve Sober Living Houses, Recovery Houses for both men and women intentionally keep resident census to a low 4 people per house all with private rooms.  The Reserve  for men is a luxury sober living, halfway house located in downtown Nashville, Tennessee with private rooms.  Information about and photographs of the men's house can be found at:


The House

The luxury sober living house, sober house for women is newer construction and located in a quiet, serene neighborhood on one of the highest hills in Nashville, Tennessee, with breath taking views.  The sober home, halfway house has 4/5 bedrooms, an office, 2 living rooms with a 65 inch and 70 inch HDTVs, 3 full bathrooms, 3 car garage and approximately 3,000 square feet.  The sober house is furnished with high-end furniture, chandeliers, well stocked eat-in kitchen and a large outdoor deck.  All bedrooms are private, have tvs and the sober house located within walking distance, to Kroger, Publix, multiple restaurants and 3 gyms.


The Bedrooms and Bathrooms

The Sober Living House can be configured for 5 bedrooms, but resident census is intentionally kept low at 4 residents. All four (4) bedrooms are private.  Sober living homes, halfway houses and sober houses in Nashville, Tennessee, typically have 2 or more to a room.  The Reserve never has more than 4 women/residents at a time.

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